MTP<sup>®</sup> Master Jumper

The MTP® Master Jumper, exclusively distributed by Sanwa Technologies and the only master jumper certified by USConec, is an innovative solution designed to deliver seamless connectivity and optimal performance. With its advanced features and meticulous engineering, this jumper ensures reliable signal distribution, easy installation, and scalability. Adapt to changing network requirements effortlessly. The MTP® Master Jumper is available in various configurations, including 8F, 12F, 16F, and 24F, providing flexibility and scalability for your specific network needs. Customize your system based on the number of output connections required.
The MTP® Master Jumper, available exclusively through Sanwa Technologies, is a reliable and high-performance solution for seamless connectivity in fiber optic networks. With its compact design, ease of installation, scalability, low insertion loss, wide operating wavelength range, excellent uniformity, and durability, it provides a practical and efficient solution for your network needs.


  • Telecommunication Networks
  • Data Communication Networks
  • Optical System Access Networks
  • Broadband / CATV Networks
  • Equipment / Switch Interconnections

Ensure minimal loss of optical power with the The MTP® Master Jumper. It boasts an ultra-low insertion loss (IL) of ≤ 0.12dB, achieved through a meticulous control of end face geometry requirements. This results in efficient signal transmission and enhanced network performance.

The MTP® Master Jumper operates across a wide range of wavelengths, typically from 1260nm to 1650nm. It is compatible with various fiber optic systems, including those utilizing different wavelengths for specific applications, ensuring versatility and compatibility.
Maintain consistent performance and balanced signal distribution with the The MTP® Master Jumper. It offers excellent signal uniformity across all output ports, ensuring optimal signal integrity and reducing potential signal degradation.
Built to withstand extreme environmental conditions, the The MTP® Master Jumper complies with the GR–1435-CORE standard. It undergoes rigorous environmental testing to ensure there is no degradation to its optical performance. You can rely on its durability and long-term reliability for stable performance in various deployment scenarios.



  • Available in 8F, 12F and 24F.
  • Lower Insertion for applications with critical power budget management .
  • Well-defined polarity and continuity checking.
  • Complete port-to-port optical performance (Insertion Loss and Return Loss) testing.
  • Highly controlled end-face geometry to improve connectors optical performance