US Conec and SANWA Technologies Announce a Licensing Agreement to Multi-Source and Develop MDC Very Small Form Factors Duplex Connector Solutions

March 8, 2022,

SANWA Technologies and US Conec announce the execution of a definitive license agreement enabling SANWA Technologies to produce and supply the MDC VSFF (Very Small Form Factor) duplex optical connector platform. US Conec’s MDC connector, a duplex fiber-optic connector with proven 1.25 mm diameter ferrule technology specified in the SFP-DD, QSFP-DD and OSFP pluggable transceiver MSAs, provides three times the density over the duplex LC format while supporting port breakout architectures for emerging transceiver designs.
The collaboration to develop and deliver MDC connectors ensures a robust supply chain for emerging and future optical link architectures.

Next-generation link architectures employing 400G and beyond with state of the art pluggable transceivers or co-packaged optics are demanding higher-density fiber-optic cabling solutions that cannot be met with existing MPO, LC and SC technology. The VSFF MDC connector format meets those challenges for both carrier and data center performance requirements.

"We are pleased to partner with US Conec on the novel MDC interconnect series. We recognize US Conec as a leader in the development and implementation of this advanced small form factor format for SFP/QSFP footprints and expect to offer fully compatible connectors, adapters and transceivers in the very near future," said MarkJohnson, President of SANWA Technologies.

"It’s exciting to have SANWA Technologies on board as a partner for the MDC connector platform. Their long history of proven connector technology development and superior customer support will help to ensure that market needs related to the proliferation of the MDC platform are soundly met," said Joe Graham, President of US Conec.


About US Conec
US Conec is a global leader in the design and development of high-density optical interconnects. With 30 years of innovative experience, the company provides industry leading components for data center and enterprise structured cabling, public networks, on-board optical interconnects, industrial and military markets worldwide. Key product developments include single-mode and multimode MT-style and custom multi-fiber ferrules, MTP® brand MPO connectors, MXC® connectors, PRIZM® LightTurn and PRIZM® MT lensed ferrule technology, ELiMENT™ brand MDC, LC and SC connectors, IBC™ brand fiber optic cleaning solutions and termination equipment for multi-fiber interconnects. US Conec is headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina, and is an equity venture of three leading communication technology companies Corning Optical Communications, Fujikura, and NTT-AT

About SANWA Technologies
SANWA Technologies, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanwa Denki Kogyo, a Japanese Fiber Optic Component Manufacturer.
Since its founding in 1947, Sanwa Denki Kogyo group of companies have been manufacturing and selling highest quality, most reliable electrical and optical interconnect components and solutions. Today, companies, data centers and telecom / data-com carriers around the world rely on Sanwa’s connectivity solutions around the clock.
In 2021, Sanwa has completed acquisition of Fiberon Technologies Inc., another leading provider of fiber optic network solutions. Fiberon, founded in 1998, is a leading supplier of interconnect, advanced passive and active
connectivity products for the optical fiber communications market and has continuously delivered quality products with excellent service and speed as a trusted supply partner to its customers.
Joining Fiberon’s advanced product lines and strategic geographical presence together with Sanwa’s unparalleled engineering, manufacturing, and quality management will significantly expand the available product range and service reach for current customers and offer a powerful supplier partnership for optical communications industry worldwide.